Ginseng Tails of Changbai Mountain (Food Ingredients)

Ginseng tails are the little tails from the ginseng root that they may help regulate and strengthen bodily functions, enhance vital energy and promote concentration. The tails with highly concentrated ginsenosides gives the best taste of ginseng. They have played a positive role to be the ingredient for making soup.
Rinsing the tails before use. For the thin tails, they can be added to boiling water to serve as ginseng tea. For the thick tails, they can be served as ingredient for cooking. When cooking ginseng soup, it is suggested to put the tails and other ingredients together to cook for a few hours with medium-low heat. Pork, chicken and red carrots always work the best for ginseng tails.

Specifications: 100g

Made in China

Price(HK$): 138

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