Wild Ginseng from Changbai Mountain

Wild Ginseng of Changbai Mountain from China grows in zero-polluted forests and absorbs the essence of Changbai Mountain’s natural resources. Under these perfect natural growth conditions, they become the best grade of ginseng. Wild ginseng can enhance our vital energy and nourish spleen and lungs.

Dried ginseng is hard to cut into slices. We suggest to steam it about 10 minutes after rinsing for easily cutting. It can be served for ginseng tonic, ginseng tea, direct chewing with slices and ingredient for cooking. Ginseng is no need to steam for stewed soup.

Recommended recipe: Double boiled superior soup with wild ginseng of Changbai Mountain, cordyceps and silkie chicken

Net weight: 5.5g(the range from 6.5g to 5.5g)
Price(HK$): 398

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